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Granted Wishes (Fairy Godmothers' Union)
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A collection of sweet and whimsical modern fairy-tale romance short stories. Sometimes True Love needs a little help. That's where the Fairy Godmothers' Union, True Love Local steps in. This collection includes all the Fairy Godmothers' Union tales to date: 'In Every Day an Hour' is the story of Jordan and Renata, who were divided by misunderstanding before they ever had the chance to get started together. It takes a dose of magic to dispel the misunderstandings and give love its chance. In 'Happy to be Stuck With You' it takes a fairy godmother's interference to get practical security-expert Craig and New Age mystic Amy together in one place long enough to see past their differences. 'In Your Dreams' calls on the fairy godmothers to free Linda from the enchantment that has kept her from being her true self and letting Tony, the man she secretly loves, see the true beauty within her. 'Mission Improbable is the story of a couple in trouble - until a fairy godmother helps them to see each other a little differently… In 'Unmasking' it takes a fairy godmother's interference to get Rosalie the right costume to wear to the Comix Convention where she and Steele can each discover the other's true identity. 'Switcheroo' and 'Sweitchertoo' tell the stories of two college room mates with very different lives. A fairy godmother's magic allows them to learn what they need to know to improve their love lives by stepping into one another's shoes. 'Faire Play' In her Renaissance Festival role as Lady Marlinda, Marly meets the roguish Laszlo, 'a troubadour of ill-repute,' and wonders how much of his flirtatious role is true to Miklos, the man behind it.

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